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Our consulting mainly has 3 areas:

• Support of foreign companies in the export project to the German-speaking economic area and the EU (1)

• Support for companies exporting to the Russian-speaking region and the Eurasian Economic Union <EAWU, EAEU, EEU> (2)

• Recruiting professionals (3)

Through targeted consulting, we increase your revenue and turnover.

With the help of our experienced consultants, we can do it together.

In the branches

Apparatus manufacturing

Automotive supply industry

Building Materials

Lighting Industry

Fertilizer Industry


Real estate


Information and communication technology

retail chains


Timber Industry

Plastics Industry

Mechanical Engineering

Metal processing

Furniture trade

Online trade

Tire Industry

Steel Processing



our employees are especially at home.

From the strategy to the implementation of the common concept, we accompany you.

Our team has developed and tested special procedures.

We are also experienced in crisis management and are also happy to provide experienced managers on an interim basis.

Let us make you an offer that is based in particular on the common success.


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