You are a foreign company and would like to export your products to Germany, Austria or Switzerland and / or other EU countries.

We support you in the implementation of this project.

Step 1:

First of all, we use a special preliminary study to evaluate whether your products are fundamentally suitable for the market.

Step 2:

If we come to the conclusion that there is a chance of success, we develop a marketing concept together with you. The concept also includes the estimation of the expected expenses and associated costs as well as a timetable for the implementation.

Step 3:

Based on this, we set up a sales organization with you. This can be your own company in the target market. These can be distribution partners or cooperation partners we are looking for or an online shop.

If advised, we will also prepare for you to build your own production or to work with partners in this area as well.

We also support with selected partners in the areas of tax and legal advice as well as auditing.

We can also look after suitable information technology. Here also suitable partners support us.

We support you in the localization of your products and in the settlement in the target market.

Of course, we also assist you in finding suitable employees for the target market.

Upon request, we are ready to accompany you to the first sales in the new target market. Even then, we can remain the contact person for your needs.

For each type of service that we provide for you, we have already developed procedures for you and can offer these modular.

Likewise, our contracts, which we will conclude with you, take into account the different types and characteristics of our services.

Together we secure your success in the new sales market as far as possible.

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